Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I went through a real series of emotions watching the Always Sunny season premiere. When I learned it was about the gang having to live as black people, I expected it to be epic. Then when they broke into song and I realized it would be a musical, I got douche chills. But, I should've been smart enough to know said douche chills should be saved for your typical CBS sitcom. Not one that's crushed it for 12 years.
I would've preferred a non-musical episode, just to get a stronger point across. But as Sunny has done with any social issue they've tackled, they do a brilliant job of showing both sides of an argument. We've seen too often these days, with shows like SNL and the Daily Show, shows have to shove their politics down your throat. But you cut off comedy at the knees when you alienate half your audience with your  political beliefs. Shows like South Park and Always Sunny do a great job of reminding us that everyone who leans too far to one side on any issue is a dope and still manage to keep it funny.
As far as Sunny episodes go, it wasn't an all time favorite. The only huge laugh I had came near the end. But overall it was funny and they tackled issues that have been a huge talking point in this country over the last couple years in particular. I was a little disappointed they didn't actually go black face, in the way Robert Downey Jr. did in Tropic Thunder, but I'm sure they just felt like sending their message without getting the PC Police up their asses. Even without that, it's a ballsy issue to take on now, because everyone wants an honest discussion about race until someone actually presents one.


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