Wednesday, January 25, 2017


If you don't know who Dan Le Batard is it's because you probably only watch entertaining televisio4n. But if you find yourself contemplating sawing your ears off around 4pm, you've likely accidentally stumbled onto the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN. During which, Dan and his race baiting buddy, Bomani Jones, search high and low for someone to call a racist. Meanwhile, Le Batard's Cuban father, who barely speaks English, is sat in the corner in a silly hat, as a prop. Le Batard also allegedly does a national radio show. Although, looking through the top 40 rated stations in Boston, I found no evidence of this vicious rumor.
Dan's latest attempt at Social Justice glory is suggesting that the Patriots are somehow racist because their top receivers are white. Dan and Bomani have taken up the cause that Boston is a racist city, ever since Gordon Hayward was cheered by Celtics fans. Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan of WEEI's Kirk and Callahan show in Boston called them out for this. They've invited Dan and Bomani on their show numerous times and were ignored. Kirk called Bomani's show and was hung up on. So after accusing one of the biggest markets in the country of widespread racism, they've pretended they don't exist.
Now, I'm all for lies. There's nothing better to get you out of a jam or stir up a buzz for your show no one watches. But the key to a good lie is sticking to it. You can't just make a blanket statemet about a large group of people, based on previous judgements, and ignore anyone with a different opinion. It's escaping me, but there's a name for people like that. And I'm all for this type of show being on the air. Because, despite its idiocy, it reflects a segment of the population. The problem is the opposite would never be allowed on ESPN. Two conservative white guys would never be allowed to give their views on race, for an hour, or even a minute a day. We've allowed race baiting to become a money maker in this country. You're allowed to call, particularly white men, racists with impunity. And no matter that persons true beliefs, they've been branded a bigot in the eyes of the public.
I'd have a lot more respect for guys like Le Batard if they responded to their critics. But when you have no substance to your claims, they become difficult to defend. He knows a show like Kirk and Callahan would leave him naked and neutered. And with Dan's physique, that's not a good look. Which leaves me with one request of ESPN. Either put on a show that doesn't fit the exact cookie cutter, liberal, PC views that's usually seen on ESPN. Or force your people to defend their claims, when they accuse people of being a hateful, exclusionary bunch. Without that, you're just a joke.


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