Thursday, January 5, 2017


First of all, when will you crazy kids learn to commit your hate crimes in the privacy of your own home. When you're harassing a mentally challenged man in the name of non-white, anti-Trump people, just keep it off Facebook. Now anyone with my eyesight or better can see that this is wrong. I'm not here to point out it's wrong to beat up a handicapped man in the name of race and politics. That one's on your parents to teach you. I just wanted to point out the horrible hypocrisy of the media. These idiot kids had no problem being overtly racist and hateful, to the point where they broadcast it. But the guilty, white, phonies in the media continue to coddle people that they look down at and pretend to champion.
Imagine how many times we would have to watch this video if the roles were reversed. If a group of white, over 18 adults, were torturing a mentally handicapped black kid, this video would be on a loop on every news station, to the point we'd be able to sing along. But instead it's listed on behind a story about MyPillow having a sale. And CNN has to make sure we know they were targeting the kid because he's mentally disabled, not because he's white. Because that's a lot more comforting. You don't hear the same fun phrases that are put on these Trump supporters committing hate crimes, that turn out to be fake stories. Maybe these kids were just blacksplaining their point to this gentleman. But watch when a story comes out about a Trump supporter committing a hate crim, the pandering white cowards in the media will spend a full day on it. Then the next day, remember that story we reported yesterday. Well after 24 hours of coverage we figured we should take 24 seconds to mention it was made up. Whoops.
Now I'm just some asshole who gets a few people to read his inane ranting and does a mediocre ob at doing so. So I know I'm not the guy who's going to enact some great change. And I'm tired of screaming about these stories to an empty room. But the more dummies like me that point out the medias obvious bullshit, the closer we'll be to changing it. Hahaha, I say crazy things sometimes.

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