Friday, January 13, 2017


It's become a career path for people in the media. Making outlandish claims with no research or evidence behind it, used to be an embarrassment in journalism. But it's now a widely accepted tool to grab attention, and more importantly, clicks. And I guess that's what I'm doing too. Using a hot story to get people to take in my nonsense. The difference is, I give my actual opinions, which is silly. I should be calling people racists, cheaters, liars and bigots. Not because I want ustice in society. But I want some of the attention too.
Whether it be a false report about inflated balls, a misleading headline about oppressing black quarterbacks, or flat out calling Boston a racist city, the Patriots have dealt with their share of trolls. But that shit got boring. Old news, we're racists, big whoop. Now there's something far worse than being a racist. Trump supporters are now the scum of the Earth. Let me rephrase that. Trump supporters, or just people who don't demand his decapitation are the scum of the Earth. And if you don't get under the covers and sob along with the liberal media, you're part of the prefined popularity in New England, Charlotte claims people are jumping ship. She claims that Brady and Belichick's silent endorsement of Donald Trump means fans are hopping off the bandwagon. Ignore the attendance, ratings and media coverage. One of the hens in Charlotte's sewing circle doesn't like Tom Brady anymore. No further research required.
I don't blame Charlotte Wilder for this idiotic article. It's a great career. Bomani Jones and Dan LeBetard will tell you it's a lucrative business. My problem is, she got weak. You can't write such a purposely misleading title and not catch some shit. You're not getting mean tweets because you're a woman. It's because you were being a dick. When men are being dicks on Twitter, they get called every name in the book. If you don't believe me, I suggest you talk to my friend Bart Hubbach. If you wanna be treated like one of the boys, you have to accept all of it. And believe me, men are just as bad. Grown men whining about getting called a douchebag on Twitter is equally embarrassing. They ust don't have the crutch of saying it's because they're a woman. So Charlotte, keep tolling for clicks. I respect the hustle. Put Patriots fans are tired of the media lying about them and their team. Regardless of their genitals. Charlotte Wilder's article

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