Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The New England Patriots won yet another Super Bowl in historic fashion. And much to the dismay of many, there is no cheating scandal this time. So, the sensationalist, race and click baiting media has had to resort to go back to singing their favorite tune. These one-hit wonders do nothing better than cry racism. And due to a lack of conformity of thought in the organization and lack of liberal pandering, the Patriots have been branded with a scarlet R on their chests. But in reality, they're more representative of America than most organizations are willing to be.
As far as racist organizations go, the Patriots are pretty lazy. They've completely forgotten to oppress and silence their minority employees. I feel like that's rule one of racism. Guys like Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty have not only expressed their political beliefs but said they will not go to the White House as a protest of Donald Trump. Most good oppressors would whack Robert Kraft for not silencing them. In fact the Kraft family endorsed their ability to express their political beliefs. Some laid back racism if I've ever seen it.
Tom Brady has also taken some of this heat. The guy that goes to the Kentucky Derby with Vince Wilfork, has given 2 cars to black teammates, citing they were more deserving of the MP's he got, and spent his 4th of July convincing Kevin Durant to come to Boston, is a racist for not denouncing Donald Trump. Which is possible. Not everyone that hangs around with black people is free of racial hatred. But when the only evidence disproves your argument, it's hard for me to hop on board.
In reality what the Patriots are, is not a racist organization, but a diverse one. They have members who have supported Trump, to varying degrees, and some who have vocally criticized him. And they have what has become my favorite group of people. Those who keep their mouths shut. It's become rare to keep your political beliefs to yourself. People feel the need to bombard your timeline with political nonsense, much like I'm doing right now. But I don't know how a lot of the guys in that locker room think. But I know they have guys that lean both right and left and allowed them to express their beliefs to whatever degree they wish. In a time where unilateral thought is encouraged and unpopular speech is silenced, that's refreshing to see.

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