Thursday, March 9, 2017


A nobody, undrafted free agent named Malcolm Butler picking off Russell Wilson to give the Patriots a 4th Super Bow was probably the greatest moment of my sports life. It's in the running for the greatest moment of my life, in general. I don't lead a very exciting life. But that's neither here nor there. The point is in two seconds, Malcolm Butler became a legend in New England. And after a once in a once in a lifetime moment like that, most guys move into David Tyree's home for one hit wonders. But Malcolm threw a future Hall of Famer out on his ass, took over the number 1 corner spot, and became a Pro Bowler. All while playing for the league minimum. If this man asks for an evening with your wife you should shake his hand and thank him for asking first. Instead he received a wet snot filled loogie to the bridge of his nose courtesy of Bill Belichick.
Before you go nuts, I acknowledge BB is the GOAT. He's rarely made the wrong move in tese situations and when he does it's quickly corrected. From a football standpoint I have no issue with the signing of Stephon Gilmore. But to pay a guy market value or above while a Super Bowl hero, who has done everything you've asked of him and worked his ass off, is god damn disrespectful.
The NFL is a business and I respect the hell out of Belichick for running it as such, even when most would let emotion take over. But when it comes to giving a guy who has done a lot for you proper respect he failed today. When you have an All Pro player making the minimum and give him a front row seat to watch you give the money he's earned to an outsider who hasn't played in your system  and is, at best, an equal player, it shows you have no respect for your guys. At least, that will be the perception to others in that locker room.
Wild Bill is a CEO. And as such, he can't and shouldn't give a fuck what anyone thinks of him or his moves. I'm not asking for a softer, cuddlier Belichick. In fact, I'm not even demanding he pays Malcolm Butler. The Jamie Collins trade was just the latest example that any player that doesn't wear number 12 is expendable. But when you show you're willing to pay, and that guy is a CB, and his name is not Malcolm Butler, I see that as disrespect It says to every one of your guys, I don't give a fuck about you, no matter what you've done here.
Butler may even come back this year. Or by the time I post this, he may have already been traded. Stephon Gilmore may turn out to be an upgrade at that position. I will never be so silly as to suggest BB is making the wrong football move. But as a man I think you pay back those who have done so much for you. I usually love when Bill swings his dick around. This time, it felt unnecessary. Malcolm Butler deserves to be paid and I hope he will be. If not here, somewhere else.

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